Tour Montparnasse

59-story skyscraper with viewing deck in Montparnasse, Paris, France

The Tour Montparnasse, also known as the Tour Maine-Montparnasse, is a very recent Parisian attraction in contrast to all the other historic destinations. It is a skyscraper located in the neighborhood of Montparnasse, Paris.


The Tour Montparnasse is 210 meters tall, consisting of 58 floors. It was built between 1969 and 1973 and remained the tallest skyscraper in France until 2011. Though the skyscraper is majorly inhabited by offices, with over five thousand employees, the 56th floor features a wonderful 360 degree panoramic observation deck that puts the whole of Paris on display, allowing you to spot famous landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe, le Louvre and naturally, the Eiffel tower, with a range of 25 miles of visibility on a clear day. Also occupying the 56th floor is a restaurant called le Ciel de Paris and a lovely little gift shop.


The viewing deck is open every day all year round, in peak-season (from April to September) it is open from 9:30 am until 11:30 pm. In off-peak season (from October to March) it is open from 9:30 am until 10:30 pm during the week, but closes at 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights, also on the eve of public holidays. The admission cost can seem quite pricey at first but once you have the city beneath your feet you will find it absolutely worth it. It costs 15€ if you are older than 20 years if you in between the ages of 16-20 years it only costs 12€, if you are between the ages of 7-15 years it costs a mere 9.50€ and as for those under the age of 7 it is completely free!

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