The Iconic Eiffel Tower

Gustave Eiffel's iconic iron tower built in 1889, with observation decks to view all of Paris.

Ah, of course, what would a trip to Paris be without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. It should definitely be on top of the list of places to visit in Paris when you’re there considering it is, of course, a national landmark of France.


Residing on the northwestern side of the Champs de Mars, The Eiffel Tower was originally built in 1889 as the entrance to the World Fair that was visiting France. The wrought iron masterpiece stands 324 meters tall and was named after its creator Gustave Eiffel. For forty-one long years, the Eiffel Tower was considered the tallest manmade structure in the world, indicating it was truly an innovation way before its time. Featuring three levels with viewing decks, the Eiffel tower was fitted with stairs and elevators that enabled visitors to ascend the landmark easily, rewarding them with a never seen before view of Paris.

As a traveler, today, visiting the Eiffel Tower is almost like an obligatory pilgrimage, a must see for anyone who takes joy in seeing the many wonders of not only the world but Paris. Naturally, the Eiffel Tower could easily be called one of the best Paris tourist places as it opens up the whole of Paris in one ascend.


As a tourist, the Eiffel Tower is extremely accessible as there are varying options for the ascent depending on your preferences. To get to the second level you have the choice to either climb the stairs or take the elevator, but from the second floor to the third and utmost floor it is mandatory to take the lift. Thus, of course, the price of admission varies on whether you will be climbing or not. If you’re over 24 years of age it costs 11€ to take the lift to the second floor but if you wish to take the lift all the way to the third floor it costs 17€ and of course, if you wish to climb the stairs it will only cost you 7€. For those under the age of 24 years, it will cost you only 8.50€ to take the lift to the second floor and if you choose to go to the third floor it will cost 14.50€, though again if you wish to climb it yourself it will cost a mere 5€. There are also conceded prices for young children, the disabled and those who are seeking work in France.

Over seven million people from all over the world visit the Eiffel Tower annually with the busiest period being from the end of March through to the end of October. Many people who have visited the Eiffel tower advise that climbing the stairs is the best way to experience a full panoramic view at your own pace, it will also mean that the line you’ll have to queue in will be a lot shorter as the majority of the visitors prefer to take the elevator. The Eiffel Tower is open during summer ( mid-June to early September ) from 9 am until midnight and for the remainder of the year opens at 9:30 am until 11 pm. The elegant landmark is not only enjoyable during the day but also has a dazzling night show that commences at dusk on every hour until closing. It is definitely one the best places to visit in Paris.

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