French Religion

French Religion

Perhaps when one thinks about French culture, things like couture clothing, the Eiffel tower and the Mona Lisa come to mind. Whilst it wouldn’t be a false representation of France - the vast diversity of culture France possesses is dispersed throughout the country. Having been shaped by profound historical events throughout history, France, and Paris in particular, has shaped culinary, fashion, and art all across the globe for centuries. After all, it is the largest country in Western Europe and is celebrated around the world for its unique culture, prominent throughout all aspects of life. Wherever you may be in the world, French culture is truly distinct, whether it be French fashion, French food, French art and obviously the language.

Whilst very evident walking through the streets of Paris and visiting famous religious landmarks such as the Notre-Dame, that the faith followed, in the past and still to this day is Catholicism. In past surveys, it was found that around eighty percent of the population of France was Catholic, with Islam being the second largest minority religion with around ten percent of the population, two percent protestants and only one percent Judaism. The rest of the population were unaffiliated with any religion.

The Catholicism traditions are still highly prominent in the country, with all the cathedrals and religious monuments. The country itself was evidently built around the religion. Which leads to the probable cause of the religion still being so popular among the French today, in a century where religious views are no longer so popular. After all the history of the religion itself is embedded in the structure of France.

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