Pont Alexandre III Bridge

Arched bridge with art nouveau lamps along the Seine River in Paris, France

Paris is well known as the city of love, so what could be more romantic than a slow stroll on a glorious deck bridge that spans across the Seine. You wouldn't even need anyone with you, with the help of the Pont Alexandre III, you could just fall in love with Paris. The Pont Alexandre III is a bridge that spans the Seine ever so majestically while simultaneously serving as Paris's most elegant open air museum. (in french: en Plein air) The bridge is by far one of the most beautiful tourist places in Paris to visit.


Originally built for the Exposition Universelle, the world fair, like many other famous Paris attractions, in 1986, but was also meant to commemorate Tsar Alexandre the 3rd as it was he who finalized an alliance with the third republic in the year of 1882. Thus the bridge, once constructed, was named after him. The bridge then, of course, was built also in celebration of the new relationship between Russia and France. The Pont Alexandre III is only 160 meters long and stands 6 meters high. After the Franco-Prussian war in 1880-1881, France became a country that embraced affluence and idea of prosperity, this is evident in the architecture of the Pont Alexandre III as it epitomizes the period of Belle Époque (Beautiful era) and Art Noveau running from 1871 until 1914. Lining the 'Beaux-Art' bridge are magnificent Art Nouveau lamps that light the way after dusk, the Pont Alexandre III is well-known for them.


They are not, however, the extent of the art on the bridge, there are multiple magisterial sculptures that are so wonderful you could spend hours looking at the details, the sculptures are of quite a romantic disposition consisting of cherubs, nymphs, lions, maidens, water spirits, cupids, seashells, winged horses and sea monsters. There is something rather magical about the bridge that ensnares your attention. There are four pillars, that are 17 meters tall at each corner of the Pont Alexandre III that have golden-winged horses on top, they are meant to represent Industry, Art, Commerce and the Sciences.


The Pont Alexandre is considered a monument of history that connects the tomb of Napolean, Les Invalides, which lies on the left bank, to the Grand Palais and the Pétit-Palais that lie on the Right bank on Champs-Élysees. The Pont Alexandre III is not only considered an exquisite display of art but the most beautiful destination for anyone in Paris. This is purely opinion based, considering the majority of Paris is scattered beauty, but no-one is denying that it should be on your list of places to visit in Paris. Besides not only is it ever so elegant, it is free to the public and has no admission times which means you could have a romantic midnight rendéz-vous with the view of the city whilst standing on one of the most magnificently crafted bridges in the world, that has been standing for the last two centuries. What more could you ask of Paris?

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