Luxembourge Palace & Gardens

French Baroque architecture Luxembourg Palace with park with manicured lawns & statues

If you've ever wanted to frolic through the magical gardens of a French palace the Luxembourg Palace gardens should without a doubt be a top destination to visit in Paris.


The Jardin du Luxembourg was originally designed and created by Marie de Medicis, the widow of the late King Henry the 4th, for her new residence called the Luxembourg Palace, in 1612. It was the first garden in France to be influenced by the Italian renaissance style. The garden is today owned by the French senate and is open to the public free of charge. It is utterly famous for its tranquil atmosphere and many wonderful features.


The Jardin du Luxembourg was originally only eight hectares but over the years has grown to twenty-three hectares, with one of its original main features being the basin of water, where you can rent model sail boats, that children have often been seen playing with, that is surrounded by two fenced terraces. There is a total of one hundred statues of past kings and queens, monuments, and fountains scattered all over the gardens. The garden is popular for its well-groomed foliage, such as the vast lawns and beautiful flower beds. There is also a lovely fenced area for any children to play, fitted with a playground and a vintage carousel, no doubt you've seen it in films featuring Paris, it is quite a famous backdrop. The Jardin du Luxembourg also often features free musical performances that can be enjoyed under a gazebo, for refreshments a café is located on the grounds where you can order a cup of coffee or even a glass of wine whilst enjoying the ambiance that surrounds you. Found in the South-West corner of the Jardin du Luxembourg is a charming puppet theater, theatre des marionettes, that features the famous Guignol show. It was built fairly recently, in 1933, and can seat two hundred and seventy-five people at a time and costs only 6€ per person per show. There are also apple and pear orchards found in the southwest corner. Naturally, the garden has been featured in many famous French films such as Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, it is in the Jardin du Luxembourg that the main love story unravels. The garden itself is not only split into English and French gardens but is home to beautiful greenhouses that have stunning orchids to view and also an apiary where you can learn about the science of bee-keeping.


The Jardin du Luxembourg is an ideal destination for a tourist especially if you have children, as there is plenty genuine entertainment to keep them busy whilst you enjoy the more mature splendors the gardens have to offer. It is very popular amongst the Parisians to promenade through the gardens, emphasizing the romantic character and tranquility it has to offer. The Jardin du Luxembourg is open from 7 am until 9 pm in the summer and 8 am to 4 pm in the winter. With free admission and beautiful views, what more could a tourist ask for?

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