Disneyland in Paris, France

Iconic amusement park with themed rides in Paris, France

Whilst being a part of one the largest enterprises on the planet, evidently, Disney Land Paris is, today, one of the top places it visits in Paris as it is the most visited theme park in the whole of Europe!


Formally being known as the Euro Disney Resort, today it is known as Disney land Paris and consists of two Parks.


The first and original park, Disney land Park, having opened its doors in 1992 features the original Disney rides and attractions such as 'It's a Small World', 'Space Mountain: Mission 2', 'Big Thunder Mountain', 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters'. The second park only opened its doors ten years later, in 2002. It is called Walt Disney Studio parks. This park is much more film orientated therefore having features like 'Behind-the-Scenes', 'Show-business' and the actual movies themselves. Over twelve million people from around the world visit Disney Land Paris every year! Disney Land Paris covers a whopping 4.800 acres of land and is situated in a small village named Marné-la-Vallée just thirty-two kilometers out of Paris. There is a high-speed train that runs at 200 miles per hour straight from the Charles De Gaulle airport to Disney Land Paris, making it super convenient for any travelers.On the property of Disney Land Paris, there is a total of seven resort hotels, and seven hotels associated with the park so that if you would prefer to spend your holiday at the resort it is possible. The majority of the hotels are within walking distance of the park, and often offers package deals that will include not only accommodation but your ticket for admission into Disneyland Paris. There are also many shopping opportunities all around the park enabling you to purchase your favorite Disney paraphernalia with ease. Among the many attractions, there is rides and entertainment for all ages, including a golf course for the older 'kids'.


During peak-season (in Easter, summer, and Christmas) the park opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm, though if you are a resident at one of the hotels you would be allowed in two hours prior to opening time. In off-peak season the park opens at 10 am but closes at 6 pm. The price of admission is not as simple as ABC as it is all dependent on when you intend on going and for how days the pass will be valid for. If you look at Disneyland Paris's, website there are prices for individuals, dependent on whether you are an adult or child and when you would go to the park. As an adult you are looking at between 47€ and 59€ for the day, and for a child 40€ and 52€ for the day. If you are looking for the best deal it would be wise to approach different companies that specialize in travel as they could offer you discounted packages. You'll only have to buy one ticket, as it will give you access to both parks.

Naturally, if you were looking at avoiding crowds, you would think the best time to go would be during the off-peak season, but at Disneyland Paris, during this season, a lot of the main attractions are either being fixed or renovated. This would mean you would not receive your monies value. Alternatively, it would be advisable to go to the park during the week, in peak season. This would minimize the crowds more whilst being able to experience everything like a child on Christmas morning!

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